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At ekologic, we design and manufacture quality products out of recycled cashmere clothing. We hunt for treasures and dismantle each garment by hand; taking time to recognize its unique character and individual beauty. The material is then transformed by joining it with other pieces — separate elements finding harmony together. There is a little magic and a lot of love in each piece we construct.

Due to the random nature of the clothing we recycle, our items are all unique. We cannot request our palette. We use what we find. We deliberate over each coloration and custom-create a diverse collection of clothing and accessories.

What was once discarded is now the source of warmth, comfort and individual expression.

Meet Kathleen—The Visionary and Founder of ekologic

We craft beautiful, functional and comfortable clothing upon a foundation of environmental responsibility, purpose and values. Each piece is a unique work of inspired design—clothing that transforms our customers, respects our natural world and challenges the traditional tenets of consumptive fashion.

Our Story
Back in 1996, while living in Portland, OR, I found that the local government had officially classified single-owner used clothing as nothing but landfill. Wasteful consumerism was at a peak and—as an artist/designer with deep-seated values and a conscience—I questioned the sustainability of disposable fashion. I soon found my passion in a pile of used sweaters—determined to prove that recycled products could not only be more beautiful in their second life but also be an instrument of change by activating customer awareness. What started as an exploration in reuse became ekologic, a sustainable company that strives to be transformative through circularity. Since 1996, our design studio has rescued and reused more than 16 tons of pre-owned material.

Our Process
We carefully hand-select cashmere sweaters for quality and durability. We then wash and deconstruct the materials to create fabric. Elements such as cuffs, rib knits and embellishments are organized and stored for future use.

My approach to design is unique as I utilize small pieces of fabric to create each garment or accessory. No two ekologic items are exactly the same; every item made is hand cut and harmoniously integrated like a painting. Every bit of scrap waste is identified, resorted and manipulated to develop future products.

Our work takes time, but it is this very intention that resonates throughout the ekologic designs. Diversity and individual expression are infused in everything we do. It is our belief that being able to express your individual voice through our one-of-a-kind recycled products gives strength to a more inclusive compassionate society.


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