• Accessories Collection

About the Collection Once you own one of our handmade cashmere hats, you may not want anything but an ekologic original on your head. In fact, you’ll feel the same way about our fingerless mittens. We know this from experience. Our hats and mittens were the first products we ever made and to this day they get passed down in families or purchased for friends.

Every item we make is lovingly created by utilizing the thickest most sumptuous cashmere that passes through our recycling process. We make each item individually like a painting to give you maximum personal style. Our felted cashmere is fabulous in the snow, sleet or rain. Even great for sleeping, as cashmere is both breathable and healthful for the body.

We create upcycled products so you can live a sustainable lifestyle. No dyes, no chemicals, no negative by-products. Pure wearing pleasure. Thoughtfully crafted, ethically made, sustainable fashion for maximum style and visual impact. Known to uplift spirits, our hats and fingerless mittens keep on giving, warmth, comfort and connectivity. Made by our small artisan company, compassionate about recycling. When you wear ekologic, be prepared to be complimented by complete strangers.




Our head hugging model. Stunning on everyone. Snap up a collector’s edition or stick to the tone on tone classic. So comfortable and warm you’ll want to take it everywhere. Perfectly pocket ready.


A nod to an ancient shape gives this style magical capabilities. Vintage, patterns and textures abound. Double thick felted cashmere from crown to ears for extra warmth.


Fresh styling with optimal movement and shape-ability. Five layers of color and texture make this a favorite. Rain, sleet or snow, you’ll take it where every you go.


Classic styling with roomy comfort and slouch-ability keeps this hat firmly in place. Made with extra room for large craniums or curly hair. Let it fall to the back for a cool casual look.


The ultimate in urban wear. This no-nonsense cap perches perfectly atop one’s head. Wear it down or flipped up. Total versatility made to fit under a helmet. Great for small to medium heads


Laugh in the face of cold this Winter with our bike commuter’s favorite. Designed to move with you and work for you. Flexible enough to pull over your nose or wear as a neck gator

Fingerless Mittens

A unique experience in comfort and functionality. Tuck your fingers into the hidden pocket for full coverage or scrunch fabric down to expose your digits. Each pair is lovingly created for maximum visual impact. Cell phone friendly.


Simplicity in style, practical in form. Our cuffs are suitable for that everyday chill. Just enough coverage to keep you warm. Perfect for a walk, in moderate climates, a cold office or driving in the car. These are pure cashmere pleasure for those that just don’t need full coverage.

Twist Scarf

A bit of cashmere on your pulse points goes a long way. You don’t need a lot of extra fabric to be effective and this minimalist neck scarf will prove that every time you wear it. Whether you wear it in your hair or around your neck, you will be thankful for this little wonder.