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We love cashmere and understand the attachment you develop with your favorite ekologic sweater or hat.

Why let one little hole or snag ruin that relationship? If you remember, we are in the relationship business. Send us your cleaned, damaged ekologic garment and we will repair and restore it for you.

Upon arrival at our studio, your item will be stored for a week in the Freezer. This protects us all from any moth contamination.

Once the week is up, we’ll open your package and inspect it for any damage (holes, snags), repair and restore the item by hand.

Your item will be de-piled, steamed, folded and returned to you.

Cost: Most repairs start at $25 and include return shipping via US Postal Priority Service. You will receive a tracking number.

Send in your request with a picture of the issue, and we’ll give you a quote.

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