What is the best way to store cashmere?

There are several tried and true moth prevention tricks that help keep your cashmere safe. Natural fibers are coveted by all creatures. It’s part of what makes them so special.
  • First, make sure to clean your cashmere before storing. Moths are attracted to food and oils and love dark undisturbed areas. The cashmere-eating larvae is what creates the holes. You want to eradicate any moth eggs before you store your cashmere. Your best bet is to freeze your clean laundered items in a sealed zip locked bag for a week or two before you store it for the season. This will kill any larvae and protect your cashmere.
  • Clothing moth traps are a great way to manage a moth free home. They alert you to a problem so that you can eradicate these tiny pests. These are pheromone traps that attract and kill the adult male moths so that they cannot reproduce. Click here to purchase moth traps or other clothing care items.