Why recycle cashmere?

Recycling textiles is an excellent example of how we can move to a more circular economy, thereby lessening the environmental damage done by single-use, disposable fashion.
  • Currently, more than 11 million tons of textile waste, a.k.a. used clothing, is landfilled each year in the US. However, 95% of those textiles could be recycled.
  • At present, 85% of used clothing is landfilled while only 0.1% is recycled into new products. It’s kind of cool knowing that ekologic is part of the 0.1% but we hope to see a significant uptick in that number in the near future.
  • Each person in the US generates 80 lbs of used clothing per year. Can you even imagine that? That's why you want to buy quality items with a long life expectancy. Doing so can have a huge impact. You can also purchase second hand or recycled products to offset these numbers.
  • At ekologic, all of our products are made from used cashmere garments handpicked from the New York City metro area. We strive to be Zero Waste in our recycling and do so by using our scrap waste as inspiration for new products. Our creations are transformed from waste to treasure within 150 miles from start to finish. No dyes, just soap water and creativity.